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VICTORY DAY-16 Dec 1971-Some Interesting Anecdotes By Col TN Raman (Retd)
VICTORY DAY-16 Dec 1971
                Some Interesting Anecdotes

                                              By Col TN Raman (Retd)

At 1631 Hours (IST), on 16 December 1971,Lieutenant General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, Chief Martial Law Administrator and Commander Eastern Command (Pakistan), signed the Instrument of Surrender, presented by  Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, General Officer Commanding in Chief, Eastern Command, India. After the written Instrument was signed, General Aurora executed the Physical form of the Ceremony by demanding and accepting the Pistol and the Epaulette of Niazi.  The venue was Paltan Maidan, Dacca. The event was watched by thousands of Bengalis and Mukti Bahini cadres, who were out to take revenge on the Pakistani soldiers. Timely intervention and a bold decision by the Indian Army Commander to allow the Pakistan Soldiers to retain their personal weapons, for their own protection, till the Indian Army could build up sufficient strength in numbers to ensure their protection, had prevented a possible catastrophe.

What was the reaction of Niazi? Some foreign Correspondents were reporting that there were tears in his eyes. Not unexpected in the case of a Soldier. ‘Pakistan was not defeated; it was humiliated’. This was the phrase used by the General Staff of Pakistan, which went into the debacle of East Pakistan, in March 1972. They could hardly believe that a Riverine Terrain like East Pakistan, which the Military Experts would vouch as the Defenders' Paradise and the Attackers' Nightmare, could be conquered in two weeks time. General Niazi, adopted a tactics of defending every inch of the East Pakistan, with the result he was strong no where. Had he planned to hold on to the few vital areas and attempted to stall the Indian advance based on the formidable Rivers as obstacles, the campaign could have prolonged sufficiently long. This would have given time for the Pakistan to negotiate an honourable Cease Fire, instead of the Surrender.

The All India Radio had broadcast a live commentary of the Surrender Ceremony of the Pakistan Troops, on the 17 Dec 1971. Lt Gen Saghat Singh was commanding the Parade. The Pakistani troops of Dacca Garrison, led by Maj Gen Rao Farman Ali, were lined up. None of them were carrying their personal weapons. Gen Saghat Called Rao Farman Ali and told firmly that the Surrender would take place only with their arms. He gave them one hour to get ready with their personal weapons and report again. The order was then executed as per the Surrender Manual, with Rao Farman Ali taking out his pistol from his belt and dropping it on the ground, followed by the entire Pakistani Contingent, dropping their weapons to the ground.

  What was the back ground to such a brilliant campaign? Let us hear from Sam Maneckshaw, the then Chief of Army Staff of India (as per his interview published in the Quarter Deck, in 1996). The gist is given below. In April 1971, Sam was summoned to a Cabinet Meeting. Smt Indra Gandhi, the then Prime Minister urged him to immediately intervene to plug the flow of refugees to the Eastern States of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura. The General told her that means war. She said ‘yes’. Now over to Sam:- (quote)
    “In the first book, the first chapter, the first paragraph of the Bible, God said, ‘Let there be light and there was light’. So you feel that ‘Let there be war and there is war’. Are you ready? I certainly am not. I will tell you what is happening. It is now end of April. In a few days time, the monsoon will break. In East Pakistan the Rivers will turn into oceans. If you stand on one side you can’t see the other side. I would be confined to the roads. The Air Force would not be able to support me. The Pakistanis would thrash me- that’s one. Secondly, my Armoured Divisions from Babina and Secunderabad will have to move. I will require every road space and the rail space. The harvest is going on now. Then turning to Mr. Fakruddin Ahmed, the Agriculture Minister, I said, you will not be able to move the crops. If there is a famine they will blame you.

    My Armoured Division has got only 12 Tanks, which are operational. Sri YB Chavan asked, ‘Sam, only twelve?’
    Sir, because you are the Finance Minister. I have been asking, pleading for months. You said you have got no money, that’s why. I have told you what the problems are. Prime Minister, if you still want me to go ahead, I guarantee you 100 per cent defeat. Now, you give me your orders. On what grounds you want me to put up my paper for resignation? Physical grounds or mental grounds?" (unquote).

    After that, Indra Gandhi saw the light and agreed with the assessment. Sam was equally emphatic in eliciting further assurance from the Iron Lady. He said, “My job is to fight to win. Are you ready? I certainly am not ready. Have you internally got everything ready? Internationally have you got everything ready? I don’t think so. I know what you want, but I must do it in my own time and guarantee 100 per cent success. I want to make it clear. There must be one Commander. I don’t mind working with BSF or CRPF. But, I will not have a Soviet telling me what to do. I must have one Political Master, who will give me instructions” . The lady agreed and the campaign was a historical success. Is it not strange, that the Arm Chair strategists and bureaucrats still keep humming the same tune of “war is too serious a business to be entrusted to the Generals”.

  Later, Sam was to state that there was a very thin line between becoming a Field Marshal and being dismissed. No wonder Sam is called Bahadur !!!

      Pakistan was beaten in war by superior generalship, exhibited from the Chief down to all Formation and Unit Commanders. The resistance continued in several garrisons even after the Surrender Ceremony in Dacca. But one by one, the out lying Garrisons realised the futility of carrying on a war, which their Commanders, both at Dacca and Islamabad, had abandoned them. By 18 December, all guns fell silent in the East. One example will illustrate the tenacity of the Pakistani Army’s junior commanders. Brigadier HS Kler, leading 95 Mountain Brigade, cleared Kamalpur, at the border on December 04, and proceeded to advance on to Jamalpur Garrison. The garrison was encircled by December 07. Despite several threats of annihilation, the garrison held on. Kler sent a message to the Garrison Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Sultan Mahmood , ordering him to surrender. In reply, the Officer wrote back the following message, which is preserved as a document, in the War Archives. (Quote)

“Dear Brig,
Hope this finds you in high spirits. Thanks for the letter.
We here in Jamalpur are waiting for the fight to commence. It has not started yet. So let us not talk and start it. Forty sorties, I may point out are not adequate. Please ask for many more. Your remark about your messenger being given proper treatment was superfluous. Shows how you under estimate my boys. I hope he liked his tea. Give my love to the Muktis. Hoping to find you with a sten in your hand next time, instead of the pen you seem to have so much mastery over.
I am, your most sincerely, Col Sultan, Commander Jamalpur Fortress..” (Unquote).

    The Vijay Diwas Ceremony in New Delhi starts with Wreath Laying by various dignitaries, at the Amar Jawan War Memorial, at India Gate. The Rifle and Helmet, which forms the Center-Piece, belonged to a soldier, unknown to history, who died on the battle field, in the out skirts of Jessore. There is no inscription on the Memorial. After all, a Jawan is always Amar when he lays down his life for his country.

  Couple of officers who took part in the Operation were to become Chiefs of Army, later in their career. TN Raina and Krishna Rao were amongst them. But unfortunately, a bold commander later became a terrorist and killed by the same forces he once commanded, with distinction. On Dec 17, when I was with the Mukthi Bahini, as a Captain, at the out skirts of Dacca, an Indian Army Jeep stopped at the Check Post manned by my contingent of Mukthi Bahini. The orders for me were to ensure that none of the Mukthi Bahinis entered Dacca. Since the Surrender had already taken place the previous day, it was a Herculean task to keep the irregular force under control. An Indian Army Officer, without any badges of rank or insignia, with well maintained beard and no pagri, which is customary for the Sikh Officers, but covering his head with a balaclava cap, peeped out from the co-driver’s seat. He asked me for the directions to the Paltan Maidan. I detailed a local guide to escort him. He thanked me and introduced himself as Brigadier Shabeg Singh. He later became Major General, dismissed by a Court Martial for embezzlement. In March 1984, when I was a Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding an Artillery Regiment in Punjab, I saw a local News Paper with one of my Sikh jawans. It had a photograph of a Sikh gentleman on the front page. The face looked some what familiar. I asked the jawan to read out the contents, since they were in Punjabi language. He read out that the man in the photo was Shahbeg Singh, Commander of the Sikh Forces under Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala, preparing defences in the Golden Temple at Amritsar. Later the same year in June, he along with his mentor was killed by the Indian Army, during Operation Blue Star. What are the ways of fate !!

    To my memory, the first train to leave Dacca with the first batch of Prisoners of War was on 19 December. Since I had already received my posting order, I managed to get a berth in the train as one of the Duty Officers, so that I could reach Allahabad in the fastest time. The Officer Commanding the train was documenting the Pakistani PW Officers and checking their possessions. A Brigadier from the Pakistan Medical Corps was still carrying his personal pistol. The Officer Commanding (OC) the train asked him to hand over the weapon, assuring him that it will be kept in safe custody and returned to him on his release. The Brigadier said, “Son, I trust you. At least you Indians kept your promise of dismembering my Country. But, our bosses let us down by not allowing us to fight till the end.” Then he removed his pistol with its holster from his belt and handed over. On seeing me with a couple of Mukthi Bahini cadres who had come to see me off, he said to the OC Train, “We have got rid of the Dholak (a percussion instrument) from our neck and transferred it to your neck. Never trust them”. The events happening today in our Eastern Borders prove how prophetic his words were.

Our official toll in the war for the creation of Bangladesh was 68 officers, 60 JCOs and 1293 NCOs and jawans killed. The wounded were more than 4000, including 211 officers and 160 JCOs. In the course of nearly 48 years of Independent Bangladesh, we have realised that the words of the Pakistani Brigadier uttered on 19 December 1971 were true.

    We all would have read about Demoralisation, in the Command and Leadership Pamphlet. Theoretically, it means the last stage of fear, in which the person loses control over both his physical and mental state and incapable of any resistance. We had the proud privilege of watching this phenomenon in East Pakistan. A total of more than 93,000 prisoners were taken, out of which nearly 80,000 were fighting soldiers. They were allowed to retain their personal weapons, for their own protection, against the marauding hordes of Mukti Bahinis, for three days. Not a single Pakistani soldier tried to use the weapon against any Indian Soldier or even as a group tried to effect a fighting escape from their camps. As has been proved, they had sufficient supplies to last them for one more month of war. Many of their Officers could not  digest such a humiliation. Like Brigadier Bhagiar Siddique, told the BBC Interviewer in Narayn Ganj, on 17 December 1971, after the Surrender Ceremony there, “as professional soldiers we take it as a part of the game. We are trained to obey the orders of our Superiors. But this was not necessary. We have enough ammunition to last for another 30 days and could have continued fighting. We do not hold any grudge against the Indian Army. They played their part well. But we will take revenge on our Generals and Leaders who brought this disgrace to the elite Pakistan Army”.

    It is now evident that the reason for Surrender was not only the action taken by Niazi in the East, but also the acceptance of Cease Fire in the Western Front by Yahya Khan. The entire Pakistan Armed Forces were demoralised when the Orders were issued to ‘Freeze Tikka Khan’ the famous Strike Corps Commander, who was to launch his counter offensive, North of the Shakargarh bulge, on 16 Dec 1971. Gen Tikka Khan, who was the Strike Corps Commander and kept in reserve for the 12 days of war, was never to fight a single battle. The entire Strike Corps was also not kept intact. One of its divisions, 33 Division, by that time was denuded of two Brigades which were dished out to 1 corps in Punjab and 18 Division across Rajasthan. It seems, Pakistan Military’s top echelons had already planned for a Cease Fire in the East on 08 Dec 71 itself. By not launching their Strike Corps, which had been weakened already, they wanted to prove to their allies, especially the USA, the sincerity of their intention of NOT escalating the war any further. But India would NOT accept anything less than a surrender in East Pakistan. On 14 & 15 Dec 71, Sam Maneckshaw went on air through All India Radio and demanded that all Pakistani Troops lay down their Arms and Surrender to their Indian Counter Parts, wherever they were operating. He assured them of honourable treatment as envisaged in the Geneva Convention and made a solemn undertaking for their safety, especially against the Mukti Bahinis. The last straw from the Camel’s back was removed with this forth right declaration. Niazi, looked a much relieved man on the 16 Dec Morning, when the Chief of Staff Eastern Command of India, presented him with the Surrender Documents, in Dacca, in which the time of 1631 hours, 16 December 1971, was already mentioned. It seemed as though some Political Leader in India believed in Numerology.

  In all the confusion and commotion surrounding the Eastern Command Head Quarters of Pakistan, the No 4 Army Aviation Squadron, under Lieutenant  Colonel Liaquat Bokhari, managed to fly during the night 15 December, to Burma. This action saved all the seven Helicopters the Squadron had at that time. To its credit the Squadron was in constant operation from March 1971 on wards. After the war broke out, it still carried out its missions against the absolute Air Superiority the Indian Air Force enjoyed, by operating in the nights, with negligible night navigation aids. Still the unit lost only one Helicopter due to crash.

What does the Pakistan General Staff Report say about the Surrender at Dacca? The gist is given below:-

  “ Then followed the most humiliating surrender ceremony with all the fanfare that the Indians could produce at short notice. Pakistan was humiliated in the person of General Niazi on Paltan Maidan, where on many previous occasions people had vowed to safeguard the integrity of Pakistan. The people of East Pakistan again stood there in thousands. An insane frenzy had gripped the crowds and the air was filled with loud maniac laughter, but many quietly wept. The Indians were jubilant at the end of a struggle which had lasted almost quarter of a Century. It was an Indian show and the Mukthi Bahinis were not allowed near the stage. The foreign press stood by and took pictures of the gory record for history to know and learn.”

  During the entire campaign, Pakistan, despite Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s histrionics in the UN, could not win the support of many Nations to its cause. Smaller Nations ringing around our sub continent, especially, Nepal, Burma, Srilanka and some Arab countries, were rendering covert support to Pakistan, specifically in the field of logistics. China, despite its assurance to Pakistan of posturing in the North to divert India’s efforts against the East Pakistan, kept quiet after the threat from the Soviet Union. The biggest let down for Pakistan came from its long term ally, the USA. Its Seventh Fleet reached the Indian Ocean after the Surrender. Whether it was intentional or by coincidence, no one can say. The fact was that the USA under estimated the speed of Indian advance in the East Pakistan. That probably avoided the clash between the two great democracies of the world.

    The liberation of Bangladesh happened 48 years back. But the Pakistanis, especially their Armed Forces, could not reconcile to the fact that they were humiliated by an Indian Army. Successive Military governments had taken the sheen away from its highly professional Army Officers. There was a rat race to get coveted civil appointments while still in uniform. General Yahya Khan, the known debauchee and drunkard was the President, Chief Martial Law administrator, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the only power center. He promoted the Officers as per his fancy. Once he by mistake happened to address a Colonel as Brigadier and the next day that officer was wearing the Rank badges of a Brigadier. In one instance eleven Brigadiers, all were his cronies, promoted to the rank of Major Generals. A Subedar Major from the Punjab Regiment (Pakistan Army) stated that he had not seen so many sepoys from his battalion being promoted to Lance Naiks on a single day.

  Having lost half the Nation, the only safe avenue they thought would be to bleed India with low intensity war fare. They are still u p to it. The tragedy is that their long term ally, the USA, could not think beyond its own security concern. Their arms supply to negate the Soviet influence in Afghanistan, encouragement given to Taliban and Al Qaeda to drive out the Russians from there, are now taking the toll on Pakistan. The country is now learning to bleed due to violent acts by the terrorists and Taliban. Still the old school of Soldiers will not abandon the Kashmir issue. Their previous President, Pervesh Musharraf, had categorically declared that if Pakistan has to survive, its people must repose their faith in ISI and the Army. A clear  indication of the doom that is awaiting the Pakistanis......

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Case: Kidney stone:Hi, I was taking Reiki healing for my kidney stone problem in 2003-04. It was really bad and painful when stones blocked the path of passing urine. I used to cry with the pain. There were 5 stones the biggest was 8-9 mm other 7, 5, 4, 2 mm in size. I started taking reiki healing for 7 days then continued to 21 days. In those days when I was taking healing the pain was continued, I met my Dr. to and we planned to operate it. The operation was fixed after few days later and I continued taking reiki healing. I saw white color while passing the urine as well relief in pain too. I asked to Mr. Antas Billorey, he told me it may be possible the stone got removed. The day arrived when I was ready for operation. My Dr. checked again and did the required tests. He found there were no stone. I just called to Mr. Antas Billorey told about it and went to meet him with some sweets. I thank to reiki healing it’s a noble work.

मेरी आयु ४१ वर्ष है, मै एक मल्टीनेशनल कंपनी मे कार्यरत हूँ. पिछले कुछ दिनों मे मैंने अनुभव किया कि मेरी स्मरण शक्ति कम हो रही है. मै अपने साथ काम करने वालो के नाम तक याद नहीं रख पा रहा हूँ. इसका प्रभाव मेरी काम करने की क्षमता को प्रभावित कर रही थी. मैंने रेकी सेण्टर मुंबई मे विजिट किया. मैंने २१ दिन रेकी ली और अपने अंदर सुधर पाया. मेरी रेकी के दौरान सर ने मेरी एक बड़ी समस्या से मुक्ति दिलायी जो की मै भी पूरी तरह से भूल चूका था. सर ने पूछा “ क्या आपको सोने से कोई कडवी याद है या कुछ हादसा जो सोने से जुडा है?” मै अचंभित था ये जो मुझे मुश्किल से ५ -६ दिन से जानते है इन्हें ये कैसे पता चला. मैंने कहा “ जी हाँ, जब यह घटना मेरे बचपन की है, मै ८ साल का था और तब मै कनाडा मे रहता था. मेरे पापा के पास एक सोने की ईट थी और एक बार हमारे घर मे रेड पड़ी थी मजबूरन हमें उस फ्लश करना पड़ा था.”तब उन्होंने कहा “यही जड़ है आपकी परेशानी की हालाँकि ये आपके सूक्ष्म मस्तिष्क मे मौजूद थी और आप पर प्रभाव डाल रही थी.” ये रेकी ऊर्जा ही है जिसने इस कारण को ढूँढा और दूर किया. अब मै पहले से अधिक आत्मविश्वास और स्ट्रोंग मेमोरी पॉवर से काम कर पा रहा हूँ.

Case: Reiki healing for patients in hospital: I have always seen positive changes and fast recovery in all cases when people suffering from chronic disease or admitted for any operation. It is also suggested whatever treatment is taken by the patient it should be continued as their doctor suggested. In last few days also given reiki healing to people who were facing problem with their past. They were facing trouble to make better their life due to their past. One of my friend who is talented actor of television and film industry facing some stomach and headache problem, he also recovered in 14 to 21 days distance reiki healing sessions. Keep practicing Reiki healing it works for everyone.

Case: B.E. student got relive from depression: Hi everyone Reiki means wonder for me thank you sir for building my confidence. I am a 21 years B.E. student during my exam I came under depression. My result is not good enough what I suppose, so I eat lots of sleeping pills that time you are my neighbor you help me lot. After that I came to know about reiki I take reiki more than 1 month. I feel completely change. It gives me concentration in my studies. Now I don’t have stress in exam time. My grades are also improved after this. Thank you very much.

रेकी मेरे लिए एक चमत्कार है. सर आपको धन्यवाद मेरा आत्मविश्वास जगाने के लिये. मैं २३ साल का बी. ई. का छात्र हूँ, मै अपनी पढाई के लिए पूर्णतः समर्पित था मेरी परीक्षा के समय मे मै अपने मित्रों को भी पढ़ता था. अधिक से अधिक मेहनत के बाद भी मै फ़ैल हो गया पिछली बार भी मै कुछ विषयों मे अटक गया जिन मित्रो को मै पढ़ता था वे पास हो गये. अपनी असफलता से मै इतना अधिक परेशान हो गया की मैंने पेरासिटामोल की गोलियां आवश्यकता से अधिक खा ली थी. उस समय सर मेरे पडोसी थे जब मेरी मम्मी ने घबरा कर सबको बुलाया सर भी आये मुझे उल्टी करवाई गयी. उस समय मेरी नानी मौसी मम्मी से चर्चा के दौरान सर ने मेरी जन्मपत्रिका से बताया की मेरा ये समय ठीक नहीं है पर गुस्सा करने से गलत काम करने से और बिगड़ेगा. ये समय मैडिटेशन करो, मन्त्र करो. उन्होंने मुझसे पूछा क्या तुम गवर्नमेंट सर्विस मे इंटेरेस्टेड हो? मैंने कहा हाँ. मेरे दोस्त Night study करके ही पास हो जाते है पर मेरे पेपर्स बैक हो गये. सर ने मुझे कहा की अपने दोस्तों की नक़ल मत करो यदि वो रात को जागते हैं तो सकता है की उन्हें रात का टाइम साईकल सूट करता हो पर तुम्हारी होरोस्कोप से पता चलता है की तुम्हे सुबह जल्दी उठ कर ही पढ़ना ज्यादा फलदायी रहेगा. आगे का समय अच्छा है. मेहनत करोगे तो सफलता मिलेगी. क्रोध पर नियंत्रण रखो. आगे समय अच्छा है वाइफ supportive रहेगी. इस समय मैंने रेकी के बारे मे भी जाना. एक महीने से अधिक रेकी लेने के बाद मुझे positive परिणाम मिलने लगे रेकी ने मेरे जीवन को नयी दिशा दी. मुझे मूड स्विंग की परेशानी से भी निजात मिला. सर आपको बहुत – बहुत धन्यवाद.

Case: Mother got his lost son: Reiki gives me the best gift on this mother’s day. My 23 year old son left home. We don’t have any idea about him. As I am a high BP patient it affects my health. I do all remedies to find my son. At that time I searched about reiki and I got sir’s number. On the same date I got the opportunity to meet him. He also told me to bring horoscope of my son. Due to my sickness I was not able to sit. After taking reiki he also suggest me some remedies. He assured me that my son is fine and soon (on a particular date he wrote) he will come. And I was wonder that on the same date my son is with me. This feeling I want to share to show my gratitude for you and for reiki, thank you so much.

Case: Better preparation of IIT exams: Hi I am a student of class XII. I had taken reiki for my IIT exam. I am feeling blessed by taking reiki from you. This reiki energy changes a lot in my day to day routine. I wonder that how you came to know about my weakness in my studies. My concentration power increase now I feel more concentrate and energetic in my studies and waiting for my results.

मै कक्षा बारहवी का छात्र हूँ. मै अपनी IIT परीक्षा के लिए रेकी ले रहा हूँ. मै अपने आपको भाग्यशाली समझता हूँ की मुझे सही समय पर आप मिले. रेकी ऊर्जा ने मेरी दिनचर्या पर सकारात्मक प्रभाव डाला. मै उस समय अचंभित हो गया जब आपने रेकी द्वारा मेरी कमज़ोरियो से अवगत कराया और उसका निदान किया. मेरी एकाग्रता बढ़ी और मै अधिक ऊर्जा से जुट गया. अब इंतजार है परिणाम का, आपको धन्यवाद. मै पूर्णतः आश्वस्त हूँ आपकी रेकी सेवाओं से.

Case: Got bail from court: First Thank you sir, it was 10 o’clock in night when I was at sir’s place. I have done a big mistake sir and now I am in a big problem. It was my first sentence. “Due to some property matter I had fight with my Uncle. Now it was my mistake that I am in judicial custody. How can you help me?” I asked sir. By seeing my horoscope he told me do some remedies and takes reiki for 7 days, after one month I am in court and I got bail on same day. my hearty wishes sir for his job and fully satisfied from his services.

सबसे पहले आपको मेरा प्रणाम, उस दिन रात की १० बज रही थी और मै सर आपके सामने सर मुझसे गलती हो गयी. मेरा अपने ताऊ से प्रॉपर्टी से सम्बंधित विवाद चल रहा था और मेरी ही एक गलती से मै आज कोर्ट के झमेले मे फंस गया हूँ. मेरी जन्मपत्रिका से देख कर और रेकी देकर सर ने मुझे उपाय बताये. लगभग एक महीने उपाय करके जब वह दिन आ गया. अब मै जज के सामने था मुझे सजा मिली पर उसी दिन मुझे जमानत भी मिल गयी.

Case: Memory loss problem: Hi I am a 41 years man working in an MNC. I had short term memory loss problem even sometime I forgot my colleagues name. In this competitive world it is big problem. I went in reiki center in Mumbai. After taking reiki for 21 days I found change in my problem. During my reiki days he also removes one of my mind hurdles that even I was completely forgotten. He asked me that did you had something bad memories related to Gold, I was completely shocked this man don’t know me even it is hardly 5-6 days when I met how he know about me? I replied “yes sir I am only 8 years old and that time I was in Canada. We have big gold brick in our house. One day it was raid and we flush that brick.” Now he said “This is your problem although it is in your subconscious mind it affects you.” It is reiki energy that finds the main reason. Now I feel more confident and strong memory power.

Case: Good relationship in future: Hi I am a government officer. I had problems with boss. I heard about reiki than I search for reiki center at Indore and I came to know about you. I take reiki for more than 21 days and I know many things related to my problem. Some weakness that I had in my past but it affects my present. Now I have good relationship with my boss. I wonder even colors related to my cloths gives me good result and all it is I feel that even I was not believed before. I thank you sir for being with me when I need support.

Case: Bed wetting (child) problem: Hello I am 27 old year’s old mother and my 8 years daughter was suffering this problem. She is embarrassed when we are visiting our relative’s home and staying one night. One day she asks me mummy I feel very shameful and depress when it happens. That day I talk this with my friend she suggest me about reiki. When I met sir in reiki center Indore he gave my daughter reiki and it continue for 21 days. From 3rd day we observed that now that problem is no more. I am very happy that reiki is not having any side effects but it removes other obstacles related to a person. My best complements to you to boost up confidence in my daughter’s life, thank you sir.

Some other cases handled by us

Three cases 4 to 8 years kids: 1. Kid hyperactive restless not able to concentrate in studies. When came to my center with his parents not able to sit properly. He was touching everything moving here and there. He picked up reiki healing crystals. I was on that time and his parents was not able to control him. His parents mentioned kid is adopted so we much take care of him. 2. Kid is hyperactive, very sensitive and asthmatic. Very fast affected by allergies. When we start reiki healing he was in lie down position crystal kept on his forehead and body, crystals fell down on the left and right side because of his restlessness. 3. Kid is very restless and sad with bed wetting. His parents were more concentrated to resolve the problem of bed wetting. We started Reiki healing. First of all in all three cases kids got asleep with 1 or one and half minutes. Hyperactivity controlled in 2-3 days. Bed wetting was controlled from 3rd day. Reiki was given till 7 days. Asthmatic patient got relief from 8th day. Reiki was given till 21 days. Kid 1 taken reiki 21 days and now very normal in behavior. Now he is able to understand and enjoying study with teacher and parents. I seen in most of cases kids and children recover faster than young or elders.

Case: One of my friend, good television and film artist asked reiki healing last month. I asked to tell her the objective of healing. She told me for her better work, to get rid of frustration and to avoid smoking. I asked her, does she like smoking or do occasionally. She said during tension she used to smoke. We started healing sessions, after 2-3 days I felt she is not disturbed with smoking habit and asked the exact reason. We discussed in detail. Later on after another session I realized the reason and it was less work in a month and shooting dates. She also agreed. Then we started reiki healing for her work only and did 21 days session. we took a break for 2-3 days then again started reiki healing sessions. Now she is getting more work as well as calmness and peace of mind. We are also working together to control her addiction completely in coming days.

Case: A thalassemia patient 14 year’s boy, in Kokilaben hospital Mumbai. I am giving distance healing from Indore. Yesterday successfully blood changed. During the process of blood transfusion he got unconscious later on all fine with the grace of God.

Case: I was giving healing to a cancer patient since last 6 days. She was not able to take her diet too. On 7th day when I reached to the hospital I knew yesterday evening she started liquid diet. Thanks to Reiki healing.

Case: A patient was suffering with stomach cancer. During reiki healing I was able to see her wounds inside the stomach and asked about it. Her family members agreed that wounds were hurt yesterday and blood in vomiting. So it is possible to scan the problem inside the body by reiki healing.

Case: A person age of 70 to 75 asked me reiki for acidity, Insomnia (sleeping disorder) blood pressure, memory. He said because of improper sleep he is facing problem in digestion and its creating acidity. So we decided first to heal and reiki treatment for proper sleep. We started reiki, his wife was also present in the room and watching the process too. In next ten minutes person got asleep. His wife was also so surprised to see that he is now snoring. We keep doing reiki for next 15 to 20 minutes. He had taken reiki for next 7 days and he found the healing was helpful.

Case: A lady age 62 years asked reiki for her knee pain. She was facing the problem since long time and due to weight gain pain was increased day by day. We started reiki for 7 days. She told in few days the pain is reduced gradually. We completed healing for 7 days. When next time we talked about her pain after 4-6 month, she told even now the pain is not same as before reiki healing. Due to some reason she couldn't continue the reiki healing.

Case: A person from Malaysia contacted me on whatsapp. He told about his injuries in accident pain in leg and spinal injury. I asked how you will take reiki in paid sessions or free sessions. He told me free sessions. We started it in evening for couple of days then took a break then started again. In most cases he was also able to feel the healing and relief. When we started second time he asked me to contact me on a mail and to share about my website link, i sent an email. In a reply he told me that he want to pay or donate something for my healing. I told as i offered you free healing not any intention to get money from you and you can also continue reiki healing in future too. He forced to share some money not to pay, we exchanged the ac details and he transferred good amount on the same day. Now we are continuing reiki for his relief. Sometimes I asked about his pain what i feel or scanned during the healing he also accepts about it. Now we share about our self. He told me he is also a reiki master and before sometime in an accident he was injured badly. I am grateful that with the reiki and distance healing i could be able to serve him from my country. There are many cases where people ask reiki and get relief. I love to keep doing my healing work.

Case: A female asked reiki for her job marriage and physical problem of irregular menses cycle. In next 4-5 days she told she find completely relief in her physical problem. Now she is taking reiki for her other wishes to be fulfilled. Hope she will get all well soon.

Case: A guy was taking reiki for quitting tobacco chewing and for good job. He taken reiki regularly and he always say he can feel reiki energy. He is having good sleep nowadays. He also accepted he can feel strong feeling of quitting chewing tobacco. Now he is taking Reiki continuously for his wish. Hope he will get all well soon.

Case: A person was taking reiki for his health and wellness of his son and daughter. In the beginning 3-4 days I found at the time of sending him distance healing his running name is different and in past another name. I asked him after distance healing session about it, he said yes it is different. So in Reiki it can be also scanned as well the reason of sickness or illness. Now he is taking Reiki continuously for his wish. Hope he will get all well soon.

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