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Full Version: ICC_Cricket_WORLD_CUP_2019
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Rohit Gupta

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30 May  ENG vs RSA 2:30pm
31 May  PAK vs  WI 2:30pm
01 June NZ  vs  SL
01 June AFG vs AUS 5:30pm
02 June RSA vs BD 2:30pm
03 June PAK vs ENG 2:30pm
04 June AFG vs SL 2:30pm
05 June RSA vs IND 2:30pm
05 June BD   vs NZ 5:30pm
06 June AUS vs WI 2:30pm
07 June PAK vs SL 2:30pm
08 June ENG vs BD 2:30pm
08 June AFG vs NZ 5:30pm
09 June IND  vs AUS 2:30pm
10 June RSA vs WI 2:30pm
11 June BD  vs  SL 2:30pm
12 June PAK vs AUS 2:30pm
13 June IND  vs NZ 2:30pm
14 June ENG vs WI 2:30pm
15 June SL    vs AUS 2:30pm
15 June RSA vs AFG 5:30pm
16 June PAK vs  IND 2:30pm ❤❤❤❤❤❤
17 June WI    vs BD 2:30pm
18 June ENG vs AFG 2:30pm
19 June NZ    vs RSA 2:30pm
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20 June AUS  vs BD 2:30pm
21 June ENG vs  SL 2:30pm
22 June IND   vs AFG 2:30pm
22 June WI     vs NZ 5:30pm
23 June PAK  vs RSA 2:30pm
24 June BD    vs AFG 2:30pm
25 June ENG vs AUS 2:30pm
26 June PAK  vs NZ 2:30pm
27 June WI     vs IND 2:30pm
28 June SL     vs RSA 2:30pm
29 June PAK vs  AFG 2:30pm
29 June NZ    vs AUS 5:30pm
30 June ENG vs  IND 2:30pm
01 July  SL    vs  WI 2:30pm
02 July  BD.  vs   IND 2:30pm
03 July  ENG vs  NZ  2:30pm
04 July  AFG vs  WI 2:30pm
05 July  PAK vs  BD 2:30pm
06 July  SL  vs   IND 2:30pm
06 July  AUS vs RSA 2:30pm
09 July #1st_Semi_Final 2:30pm
11 July #2nd_Semi_Final 2:30pm
14 July #The_FINAL? 2:30pm
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